Georgia Bullen

fuzzing the lines between tech, policy, design, data and organizing, but really just trying to help solve some problems.

techpolicy / UX / design / data / dataviz / visualization / urbanplanning / civic / opensource.

Georgia Bullen is the Executive Director of Superbloom, previously known as Simply Secure. As a strong advocate for usable security and privacy, open data practices, transparency and ethics, and she is deeply engaged in the global open internet fight. She has been involved long-term in the internet health movement. She’s very passionate about issues like privacy, security, net neutrality and community engagement to ensure equitable access to technology. Georgia leverages this passion to support a breadth of projects with management, visualization, usability, architecture and design bringing a background in human-centered design, urban planning and software development. She’s an advocate for women in technology, and works to connect people to raise the profile of their work, and make the whole bigger than the sum of its parts.

Currently working on:

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Want to talk more? georgia @ georgiabullen [dot] com